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70TPD Kraft Paper Making Project


70tpd kraft paper making project contains two stage: paper pulping and paper making, so the suitable paper pulping equipment and paper machine is especially vital for finished paper making.

3400mm Kraft Paper Machine

Paper Type: Kraft liner

Trimmed Width: 3400mm

Baisc Weight: 100-200g/m2

Capacity: 70tpd

Center Distant: 4500mm

Working Speed: 150m/min

Design Speed: 200m/min

Drive Form: Frequency conversion adjusting speed

Paper Pulping Equipment

D-Type Hydrapulper: For waste paper pulping; C=3~5%; Motor Power: 160kw

High Density Cleaner: For removing heavy impurities;

M.C. Pressure Screen: For pulp coarse and fine screening to remove impurities in the pulp;

Reject Separator: For fiber relief and separate impurities;

Double Disc Refiner: For further pulping;

Inaflow Pressure Screen: Used before paper machine for pulp screening;