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Leizhan Pulp Processing Machine in UK

Leizhan Pulp Processing Machine in UK

Leizhan has received an order from UK customer to supply main pulp processing machine for its new straw pulp processing project. The products to supply for British customer include pulp cleaning equipment: High density cleaner and Pulp pumps, etc.

Moreover, English customer expresses the willing to cooperate with Leizhan to develop new technology for straw pulp processing.

The new project of British customer is to produce high quality pulp from straw by new technology which is suitable for high grade paper products making.

British customer choose Leizhan as their supplier and Partner because of our first-class equipment production technology, high quality equipment and perfect service.

High density cleaner: Leizhan PLC control high density cleaner can be applied to remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp, equipped with wear resistance ceramics cone, long service life.

Leizhan paper machinery company, a China top brand manufacturer, specialize in complete stock preparation line for more than 30 years. From production line & factory design to installation, commissioning and training, we can offer the complete turnkey solution. Main products include chain conveyor, pulping system equipment, pulp screen system equipment, pulp cleaning system equipment, etc.