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50T/18H Waste Paper Recycling Plant

50T/18H Waste Paper Recycling Plant

Fished products: Top-quality kraft paper/Testliner paper board based on waste paper 

The whole 50T/18H waste paper recycling plant contains two parts: waste paper pulping line and paper making line. Leizhan equipments adopt advanced technology and control system. DCS&QCS automatic control system for pulp and paper making line are used for high quality papermaking.

50T/18H waste paper recycling process

Firstly, waste paper will be conveyed by chain conveyor into D type hydrapulper for pulping.

Secondly, the pulp will be conveyed into the High density cleaner for cleaning heavy impurities in pulp.

Thirdly, pulp screening system equipment like Mid consistency pressure screen, Reject separator will be used for the coarse and fine screening of paper pulp.

Furthermore, pulp refining equipment like ZDP series double disc refiner will be used  for improving the beating degree and quality of paper pulp.

Finally, the pulp will be conveyed into NLS inflow pressure screen for fine screening. After that, the pulp is conveyed into headbox for paper making.

bfw-series-chain-conveyor-thumb         zsc-series-high-density-cleaner           zns-series-mid-consistency-pressure-screen

Chain conveyor       High density cleaner       Pressure screen

Kraft paper/Testliner paper making machine

With the trimmed width range of 1,880-5,800 mm and the basis weight range of  80-220g/m2, Leizhan high quality kraft paper machine has the production capacity of 45-750 tons/day of top-quality kraft and testliner paper.