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Drum Pulper for Kraft Paper Pulping System

Drum pulper for Kraft Paper Pulping System

<p>Leizhan kraft liner pulping system provides outstanding paper machines to pulp recycled papers and virgin fiber pulps and to remove various impurities from pulp. Leizhan high technology drum pulper is applied for all kinds of waste paper and virgin pulps and is a perfect choice for continuous pulping. Leizhan ZG series drum pulper contains three sections: feeding section, pulping section and screening section.</p>

<h3>Advantages of drum pulper</h3>
<p>1. Gentle pulping and efficient coarse impurities removal.</p>
<p>2. Low damage to impurities and high efficient deslagging.<p>
<p>3. Minimum fiber loss and low energy consumption.<p>
<p>4. Continuous pulping.<p>
<p>5. High availability.<p>
<p>6. Few quick-wear parts, low maintenance cost.<p>
<p>7. Long service life.</p>

<p>Leizhan state-of-the-art ZG series drum pulper has welcomed by many customers and improved the production capacity and performance of paper manufacturing project of paper mill. Leizhan delivers all kinds of latest paper machinery and customized paper and pulp making solutions for paper plant.</p>