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Headbox In Paper Making Process


Paper physical properties are closely related to the uniformity, and bad uniformity not only affect paper physical properties, but also affect paper appearance, finally influence the finished paper using. While the paper machine headbox operating condition is the key to paper uniformity quality in paper making process, the lip width, J/W, jet nit point of headbox are the important factors to influence paper evenness.

Paper Machine Headbox Influence Factors

1. Lip width: With large lip width, the pulp concentration in headbox is low, the fiber need long time to flocculate, when the pulp is formed on the wire, it is easy to form good paper sheet with uniform fiber distribution.

2. J/W: The J/W not only affect the paper evenness, but also has great contribution for paper strength. In order to get good forming and high physical properties, the general requirements of J/W is slightly greater than or less than 1.

3. Jet Nit Point: For fourdrinier wire paper machine and twin-wire paper machine, it is an important parameter. It determines the original forming, thus affect the paper evenness and retention rate. It’s the best that the pulp fall into the first wide scraper blade of forming. The jet nit point is determined by the injection angle, jet velocity and so on.

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