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Inclined Wire Machine In Paper Industry


Because the inclined wire forming has good dewatering performance, the papermaking has good uniformity and permeability, the wire concentration is low, and the length of paper can be made long. In some special paper production, it has obvious advantages compared with other paper machines such as fourdrinier paper machine.

Inclined Wire Machine Advantages

1. Suitable for forming long fibers and their mixed fibers in a low concentration state. Long fibers need to have enough space to keep them floating during the Internet to prevent flocculation. Generally, long net and round wire formers are limited to the Internet concentration of 0.05% to 0.2%, and it is not difficult to make long fiber products.

2. Guaranteed good uniformity and bulkiness of the finished product. Only in the highly diluted state of the fiber suspension can the slender fiber be fully free to stretch. This requires the inclined net shaper to dewater in a large amount in time.

3. It is especially suitable for forming special paper with small vertical and horizontal tension ratio. Fourdrinie and cylinder paper machine are copied into paper sheets, the ratio of vertical and horizontal tension is large, generally between 2.5~5:1, only suitable for paper for general purpose.

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