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Packaging Paper Board Making Plant


Raw material: OCC, recycled paper, paper board, wood pulp, etc.

Finished products: Packaging paper, Cardboard paper, Kraft paper

Production capacity: 45-750T/D

Leizhan products adopt first-class equipment production technology. Professional engineer team to provide you with professional advice and after-sales service. Leizhan can offer the complete packaging paper production turnkey solution.

Take 200T/18H cardboard paper pulping line as example, Leizhan factory give you the following solution.

200T/18H Cardboard paper pulping line machine

BFW1600 Chain conveyor-ZDSD28 D type hydrapulper-ZSC6 High density cleaner-ZNS1.2 Mid consistency coarse screen-ZDF3 Single effect fiber separator-PZ2 Reject separator-ZSC7 Mid density cleaner-ZNS2 Mid consistency fine screen-KH600 1st stage low density cleaner-KH600 2nd stage low density cleaner–KH600 3rd stage low density cleaner-ZNS1.2 1st stage fine screen-Inclined screen