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Reeling Machine For Paper Making


Paper reeling machine is used in the end of paper machine for the finished paper reeling. In paper making process, the key is to produce consistent thickness paper, but if the thickness is slightly different, this can be make up by controlling the reeling machine. So there are different types paper reeling machine for differnt requirement.

Paper Reeling Machine Types

Shaft type reeling machine: The reeling shears of the shaft type reeling machine is driven by the motor. As the paper speed is constant, so with the diameter of the paper roll increases, the angular velocity should be reduced, therefore, need to speed-adjusting device, only used for low speed paper machine.

Features: The speed of the paper shaft running is the same, so as the diameter of the paper roller increases, the paper roller linear speed gradually reduced, paper roll tightness is difficult to guarantee. To adjust the speed, it is necessary to increase the friction device or motor and other equipment, the operation is inconvenient.

Cylinder type reeling machine: Cylinder type reeling machine is divided into two types: Double-roll and Single-roll. The two-roll reeling machine has two arcs device for paper reeling rolls, which are alternately reeling paper, this type reeling machine is cumbersome and has a large amount of waste paper.