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Several Important Properties Of Pulp


In order to successfully predict the papermaking properties of the pulp, in addition to the color and dustiness of the pulp, at least five basic properties of the pulp fibers must be considered. These basic properties are relatively independent and can be more easily measured.

Five Basic Properties Of The Pulp Fibers

1. Weight average fiber length. The length of the fiber is a basic property of the pulp. The longer the fiber, the greater the friction between the fibers, and it is beneficial to the development of other properties of the fiber in the beating.

2. Coarseness. Fiber thickness is one of the basic properties of pulp, as is fiber length. The thickness of papermaking fibers is generally expressed in milligrams “dg” of 100 meters long fibers.

3. The intrinsic strength of the fiber. The intrinsic strength of the fiber is one of the basic factors that make up the strength of a paper sheet. The intrinsic strength of the fiber has a direct effect on the fiber binding force.

4. Adhesive strength and bonding force. Such a plane bonding strength and a plane bonding force of the fibers constitute the basis of the inter-fiber strength on the plane of the paper sheet, and thus the tensile strength of the paper sheet.

5. Wet compression ratio. Fiber wet compression is one of the most important basic properties of paper paddles. It directly controls the fiber surface bonding area, inter-fiber voids, and paper thickness, and has a decisive effect on the web dewatering of the pulp.

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