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1575mm A4 Paper Making Machine

As the A4 paper and clutural paper is Practicality and universality in the school life and office life, more and more cultural paper mills want to upgrade their A4 paper production plant. The 1575mm A4 Paper Making Machine is very suitable for paper mills to choose. It is small footprint, low cost and can produce many types of cultural paper like a4 paper, a3 paper, wriitng paper, culture paper,etc.

1575mm A4 Paper Making Machine Main Specification

1. Raw material: recycled paper, wood pulp
2. Output paper: a4 paper, wriitng paper, culture paper
3. Paper weight: 40-80gsm
4. Width of paper: 1575mm
5. Cylinder mould width: 1575mm
6. Capacity: 20-270T/D
7. Rail space: 1800mm
8. Work speed: 120-1000m/min
9. Drive way: alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive

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