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2850mm Cresent Paper Making Machine

Now the quality of household paper has attracted more and more attention, especially in families with children. With the improvement of the current living standards, people have high requirements for the quality and variety of paper. 2850mm Cresent Paper Making Machine can meet people’s requirements and it can make many kinds of paper, such as toilet paper, napkin paper, facial and tissue paper.

2850mm Cresent Paper Making Machine Specification

Output paper: High-grade toilet paper, hand towels, kitchen, napkin, facial and tissue paper
Applicable pulp: Wood pulp, waste paper pulp etc.
Base weight range: 13-25g/m²
Trimmed Width: 2850mm
Operating Speed: 750m/min(linear speed of dryer)
Designed Speed:830m/min(linear speed of dryer)
Crepe Ratio:25%
Nominal Yield:35 T/D
Track Gauge:3800mm

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