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2850mm Tissue Paper Machine

Tissue paper is in great demand because of its wide range of using. So it is worth to consider that starting a line of Tissue Paper Making. This tissue paper making machine offered by Leizhan company is used for producing toilet tissue paper of 28t/d production capacity, good quality, machine consumption is low. If you plan to start paper pulping and paper making project, our paper machine would be a better choice.

2850mm Tissue Paper Pulp Making Equipments

Raw Material: 100%Commodity wood pulp
Vertical Hydrapulper: Used for breaking pulp board, damage paper, waste paper and etc.
High Density Cleaner: Mainly applied to remove all kinds of heavy imputities in paper pulp, like stones, glasses, etc.
Fiber Deflaker: Mainly apply for pulping, which can be used with double disc refiner in series.
Double Disc Refiner: Used for beating and improving the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the papermaking demand.

2850mm Tissue Paper Machine Main Specifications

Paper Grade: Tissue paper
Trimmed Width: 2850mm
Basis Weight:13-25g/m²
Operating Speed: 600m/min
Production Capacity: 28tpd

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