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Chain Conveyor For Waste Paper Pulping Line

Leizhan has been committed to continuous innovation and production of high-quality paper making equipment, providing customers with sustainable, efficient and innovative paper making solutions. The chain conveyor is unique in the paper making industry. With its high strength, low energy consumption, reliability and other characteristics, it provides paper making enterprises with excellent paper making and pulping solutions.

Features About Chain Conveyor

1. The groove plate is stamped and formed to have high strength and impact resistance.
2. The conveyor chain plate adopts a closed design to effectively prevent the leakage of materials.
3. The use of V-shaped baffles (when the effective conveying width is greater than 400mm) can increase the material throughput.
4. The chain conveyor operates in an orbital manner and has the characteristics of smoothness, reliability, low friction and low power consumption.

Our chain conveyors have been proven in use by many paper mills and have shown excellent results. Welcome to contact us for more details about chain conveyor. Email