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Coated Whiteboard Paper Pulp Production Line

The production of coated whiteboard paper pulp requires the following procedures: chain conveyor, D-type pulper, coarse screening system, fine screening system, high-consistency slag removal system, low-consistency slag removal system, pre-wire conveying system, stirring system. Leizhan provided Iranian customers with a complete set of pulping production lines for coated whiteboard paper.

Coated Whiteboard Paper Pulping Equipment

Specific equipment includes the following: chain plate conveyor, D-type hydrapulper, inflow pressure screen, mid-consistency pressure screen, high-consistency cleaner, low-consistency cleaner, reject separator, vibrating screen, pulp chest, a batch of propellers, motors, etc. and supporting accessories.

Regarding the production equipment of coated whiteboard paper and packaging paper, please contact us for detailed quotation and solutions.