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D-type Hydrapulper for Paper Pulping

With the continuous development of the paper making industry, how to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the quality of paper products has become the focus of enterprises. As a highly efficient and energy-saving pulping equipment, Leizhan’s D-type hydrapulper can provide customers with more reliable and efficient pulping solutions. .

Features of D-type Hydrapulper for Paper Pulping

  1. The use of advanced hydraulic pulping technology can effectively improve pulping efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and achieve production cost savings.
  2. Through optimized design and precise control system, the uniformity and stability of pulping are ensured and the quality of paper is improved.
  3. It is suitable for the pulping treatment of various waste paper raw materials and is widely used in paper making, pulp, cardboard and other industries to meet different production needs.

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