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D-type Hydrapulper For Pulping Line

In the waste paper recycling industry, how to improve pulping efficiency, reduce pulping energy consumption and ensure simple and easy operation has always been the focus of paper manufacturers. The D-type hydrapulper developed by Leizhan can not only meet these needs, but also can be used for pulping waste paper and wet-strength paper.

D-type Hydrapulper Main Advantages

1. The design of the D-shaped structure enables it to shorten pulping time and increase productivity without increasing volume and momentum.
2. The D-type hydrapulper uses advanced dissociation technology to effectively dissociate paper fibers into fiber bundles or single fibers and maintain the shape and strength of impurities to the greatest extent. This makes pulpboard, waste paper, deinking and pulp purification processes more efficient, effectively improving paper quality.
3. The carefully designed structure makes the equipment run smoothly, with low noise and low vibration, thereby reducing the risk of maintenance and equipment failure.

D-type hydrapulper is a kind of hydraulic pulping equipment with high efficiency, low energy consumption and simple operation. It is one of the indispensable equipment in the paper making industry. Welcome to contact us for more details about D-type hydrapulper.