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Dryer Cylinder For Paper Making Spare Parts

In the pulp production process, drying is an indispensable link. As the main device for drying pulp, the dryer cylinder quickly evaporates the moisture in the wet paper through the internal heat and mass transfer process, turning the pulp into paper.

Main Features Of Dryer Cylinder

1. Our dryer cylinder adopts the most advanced hot air circulation technology to ensure that the paper is heated evenly during the drying process, avoiding uneven quality and making the paper quality even better.
2. In order to cope with the characteristics of different paper, our dryer cylinder is equipped with a precise temperature control system, which can be flexibly adjusted according to production needs to ensure that the paper is dried at the most suitable temperature and improve production quality.
3. Our dryer cylinders are made of high-strength, high-temperature-resistant high-quality materials to ensure their stability during long-term high-intensity operation, extend their service life, and reduce maintenance costs.

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