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Efficiency Middle-consistency Pressure Screen

Leizhan’s middle-consistency pressure screen is one of the important pulping equipment in the paper making industry and is widely used in the middle-consistency screening process of various pulps. This device has several unique features, including:

Features Of Efficiency Middle-consistency Pressure Screen

  1. The middle-consistency pressure screen adopts an innovatively designed cylindrical rotor with a multi-wing block structure, which effectively prevents slurry from entangling, ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of the screening process while saving energy consumption.
  2. The middle-consistency pressure screen has excellent slurry processing capabilities and can perform screening operations at higher concentrations, reducing the amount of water circulation in the production process and significantly saving energy costs.
  3. The equipment is equipped with an automatic oiling device, which can promptly provide an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to key parts such as bearings, reducing maintenance frequency and labor costs during equipment operation.

We at Leizhan are committed to providing customers with reliable pulping equipment and quality services to help you stand out in the highly competitive paper making market. If you want to know more details about middle-consistency pressure screen or inquire about purchasing, please feel free to contact us.