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Efficient Pulping Machine Drum Screen

Compared with traditional pulping equipment, our Leizhan drum screen has greater processing capacity and longer service life, saving customers costs and improving pulping efficiency.

Advantages Of Efficient Pulping Machine Drum Screen

  1. The drum screen is designed with replaceable screen mesh, which is suitable for waste paper of different particle sizes to meet the different pulping needs of customers.
  2. We use a unique screen design that gives our drum screens higher processing capacity, longer service life and less clogging.
  3. The drum screen is equipped with heavy-duty feed hopper and discharge hopper, as well as wear-resistant screen plates, ensuring the stability and reliability of the equipment. The use of gear transmission mechanism and variable speed drive mechanism ensures efficient operation and precise control of the equipment, providing customers with a better user experience.

Whether it is production scale, paper quality or production technology, Leizhan can make personalized adjustments according to customer requirements. If you are interested in our drum screen, please feel free to contact us.