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Efficient Transportation Of Waste Paper Chain Conveyor

In today’s highly competitive paper making industry, efficient waste paper raw material transportation is the key to successful paper making. Leizhan’s chain conveyor uses a groove plate formed by one-time stamping, which has strong impact resistance, orbital operation, smooth running and low power consumption.

Chain Conveyor More Information

Our chain conveyor adopts advanced working principles and is mainly composed of driving device, tensioning device, chain plate, sprocket and rack. Through the clever driving of the chain, the pulp board is smoothly transported to the pulper for pulping. In order to meet the needs of users and technical layout requirements, the transmission installation methods of chain conveyors are divided into left-hand and right-hand styles. Users can choose the installation type of chain conveyor according to process design requirements to ensure the best fit.

Our chain conveyor have become the ideal choice for conveying waste paper and chemical pulp in the paper industry due to their efficient and reliable performance. Welcome to contact us for more details.