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High Density Cleaner For Coarse Pulping Equipment

The high density cleaner is a piece of pulping equipment specially designed for rough pulp treatment. Through its unique double-cone structure, it can efficiently separate large and small heavy impurities such as staples, bolts, and stones in the rough pulp.

Advantages Of High Density Cleaner

  1. The high density cleaner adopts a double-cone structure, which allows heavy impurities to settle quickly and separate the pulp to ensure the purity and quality of the pulp.
  2. The equipment adopts a large-diameter feed tee design to effectively reduce pressure drop and reduce power consumption.
  3. The high density cleaner has the characteristics of large throughput and can handle a large amount of coarse pulp. This not only helps simplify process design and improve production efficiency, but also reduces the number of equipment and occupied area.
  4. The high density cleaner uses a penetrating pneumatic valve to realize automatic slag discharge, ensuring the operational reliability of the equipment and improving work efficiency.

As an important coarse pulp treatment equipment, the high density cleaner has strong separation capabilities and many advantages, which can greatly improve the pulping efficiency of the paper mill.