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High Density Cleaner of Paper Mill

By minimizing the presence of contaminants in the pulp stream, Leizhan’s high density cleaner helps to preserve valuable fibers, reducing fiber loss and maximizing yield for pulp manufacturers.

High Density Cleaner of Paper Mill Advantages

  1. Equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning mechanisms, the high density cleaner efficiently removes contaminants such as ink, stickies, and other impurities from waste paper pulp, ensuring superior pulp quality for downstream processes.
  2. The high density cleaner employs high-density separation principles to effectively separate heavier contaminants from the pulp stream, resulting in cleaner pulp with reduced levels of debris and specks.
  3. Designed for versatility, the high density cleaner offers customizable settings to adjust operating parameters such as feed consistency, pressure, and reject discharge, enabling precise control over the cleaning process to meet specific production requirements.

Leizhan’s high density cleaner offers a cutting-edge solution to enhance waste paper pulping processes, delivering superior pulp quality, increased productivity. Email