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High Efficiency Low Density Cleaner

With the continuous development of the pulping industry, cleaner production has become an important direction for industrial upgrading. In order to meet customer needs, Leizhan has launched a low density cleaner, which is designed to efficiently remove impurities such as gravel, foam, and plastic in the pulp.

Features Of High Efficiency Low Density Cleaner

1. The main body of the low density cleaner is made of stainless steel, which not only ensures the stability of the equipment, but also gives it excellent corrosion resistance and long life.
2. The modular design makes the installation and maintenance process more convenient. Customers can flexibly combine according to actual needs, which reduces installation time and improves the operability of the equipment.
3. The low density cleaner can efficiently remove impurities in the pulp and ensure the purity of the pulp. This not only helps improve pulp quality, but also makes the pulping process more environmentally friendly and efficient.

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