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High Quality Paper Sizing Machine

In the paper making process, sizing is a key step. Leizhan’s sizing machine are carefully designed and equipped with advanced control systems and high-quality glue spray heads to ensure the stability of the sizing process and paper quality, providing reliable support for your paper production.

Main Advantages Of Paper Sizing Machine

1. Our sizing machine achieves efficient sizing of paper through advanced coating technology. The unique design ensures the uniformity of gluing and makes the gluing on the paper surface more consistent, thereby improving the quality of the paper and the printing effect.
2. Whether producing high-quality graphic paper or corrugated paper, our size press department can accommodate many different paper types.
3. The sizing machine is equipped with an advanced intelligent control system to realize an automated production process. This not only improves paper making efficiency, but also reduces the need for manual intervention, saves labor costs, and makes the paper making process more intelligent and efficient.

Leizhan is committed to providing high-quality, high-efficiency paper making solutions and providing the best support for your paper making production. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for more details. Email