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High Quality Toilet Paper Machine

The demand for toilet paper as household paper is increasing day by day, and many paper mills need to increase their production. Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of various paper making machinery and pulping equipment, we can provide customers with basic drawings and installation support for paper machines.

Paper Mill Toilet Paper Machine Details

Trimmed Width(mm):1200-3600
Basis Weight(GSM):13-30
Production Capacity(TPD):2-45
Brief introduction: crescent former tissue paper machine mainly used for making tissue paper. Tissue paper machine mainly divided into five parts: headbox, forming part, press part, drying part and reeling part.

Leizhan strictly controls the quality of each process. With high-quality paper machines and pulping equipment and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services, we have won many customers from all over the world. Welcome to contact us for more details.