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High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Plant

High strength corrugated paper making machine is mainly produce high strength corrugated paper by using pulp. Before the pulp enters into the paper making machine, it is processed by pulp making line. The pulp making line including continuous pulping system, fractionating screening system, apporach system, etc. All the system complement each other and work together to make good pulp for the paper making plant.

High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Plant Specification

Paper grade: high strength corrugated paper
Trim width: 3800mm
Capacity: 100t/d
Basis weight: 80-220g/m²
Operating speed: 100-180m/min
Design speed: 230m/min

More and more paper mills start over the world, in order to cater to the market. So the paper making industry also tries their best to upgrade their equipent to get better efficiency. Any needs in the paper making machines, please contact us.