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Hot Melt Impurities Screw Press Washer

Screw press washer is used for dehydration and concentration of waste paper pulp in pulp and paper industry. Screw press washer is used in series with the inclined screw thickener to achieve the treatment concentration required by the thermal disperser. According to the customer’s papermaking raw materials and the requirements for the cleanliness of the pulp, some customers’ pulping lines need to use a screw press washer.

Main Data Of Screw Press Washer

1.Standard of Screw: ɸ400-ɸ1100mm
2.Concentration of Input Pulp: 10-14 8-12%
3.Concentration of Output Pulp: 25-35%
4.Production Capacity: 40-450t/d
5.Motor Power: 30-280kw

If there are hot melt impurities in your pulp that need to be removed, you can contact us to learn more about the equipment of the thermal dispersion system. Leizhan is the manufacturer of paper and pulp machinery, looking forward to discussing more paper industry issues with you.