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How To Choose Gravity Disc Thickener

Gravity disc thickener can be used for washing and thickening of mechanical wood pulp, waste paper pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, straw pulp, but gravity disc thickener needs to be selected according to pulp type and capacity requirements.

Capacity Of Gravity Disc Thickener

1.Product capacity waste paper pulp: 1.7-2t/m2/d
2.Product capacity chemical wood pulp: 2-2.2 t/m2/d
3.Product capacity office waste paper: 1.0-1.3 t/m2/d
4.Product capacity ONP: 0.9-1.0 t/m2/d

We have a dedicated technical department to customize solutions for customers, please contact us for more details and quotations of gravity disc thickeners.