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Influencing Factors Of The Headbox

In the process of operating the headbox, the following points should be paid attention to, which will affect the quantitative uniformity and stability.

Influencing Factors Of The Headbox

1. pulp sprayed from the headbox
The sprayed pulp should be uniform and stable. If there are obvious pulp channels and jumps on the wire, the quantitative uniformity will be affected. There may be pulp on the lip plate and the inside of the headbox is not clean. The board should be zero-adjusted, so as to ensure that the pulp banner is consistent when going online.

2. Headbox liquid level fluctuations
Maintaining the stability of the headbox liquid level is an important factor. If the liquid level is unstable, the water line will be long and short, and the basis weight will fluctuate regularly. At this time, the paper machine will run unstable.

3. Dilution water adjustment
4. Edge flow
5. Lip opening
6. Ratio of pulp to wire speed
7. Landing point

Regarding the influencing factors of the headbox and how to adjust it, welcome to consult our professionals by email.