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Low Density Cleaner For Paper Mill

The low density cleaner can be applied to various pulp production lines, including paper mills, pulping mills and waste paper recycling industries, to meet the needs of different industries for pulp quality treatment.

Features Of Low Density Cleaner

1. Our low density cleaner adopts a split design, dividing the vacuum cleaner into 3-4 parts for easy disassembly, assembly and replacement. Such a design can improve the convenience of maintenance and cleaning and reduce equipment maintenance costs.
2. According to different working environments and requirements, we provide open and closed garbage disposal methods to meet the needs of different customers.
3. The bottom of the cone of the low density cleaner is made of wear-resistant ceramic material to ensure stable slag discharge and long service life. The material’s superior properties effectively handle particulate matter and abrasion, increasing equipment durability.

Leizhan is committed to providing high-efficiency and high-quality paper making machinery. If you are interested in our low density cleaner or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.