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OCC Paper Pulping Line

The OCC (Old Corrugated Container) paper pulping line from Leizhan is a comprehensive solution for processing recycled paper materials. It is specifically designed to efficiently break down and separate fibers from corrugated cardboard waste, maximizing the use of raw materials and reducing production costs.

Advantages of OCC Paper Pulping Line

  1. High Efficiency: The OCC paper pulping line is equipped with advanced technology and automation features to ensure a smooth and efficient pulping process. This results in increased production capacity and reduced labor requirements.
  2. Quality Output: By effectively separating fibers and contaminants, the pulping line produces high-quality pulp suitable for a wide range of paper products, ensuring consistent and reliable results.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Utilizing recycled paper materials not only reduces the industry’s environmental footprint but also offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional paper production methods.

Leizhan offers customizable configurations to meet the unique needs of different paper mills, ensuring optimal performance and output.