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Paper Mill Hydropulper

We continue to develop and update paper mill hydraulic pulpers, which are used for waste paper, wood pulp, waste white strips and other raw materials, and have a special technical department to provide guidance for customers. The following is the effect of agitation or circulation rate on the operation of hydropulper.

Agitation or Circulation Rate Effects on Hydropulpers

(1) The crushing speed is usually proportional to the strength of the mechanical action.
(2) Stirring is very important to the beating effect (if the beater cycle is not good, it is not good for production).
(3) When the waste paper is shredded, ensure that the paper pieces enter the rolling area of the pulper.
(4) Only under the impact of the high-speed rotating blade, the broken ends and fiber clusters can be unfolded.
(5) When the paper leaves the basic peak area of rotation and enters the slow circulation area, no fiber separation will occur.

We provide various types and models of hydraulic pulpers, contact us, our professionals will communicate with you about the production details, and provide equipment details and quotations.