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Paper Mill Mechanical Pulping

Mechanical pulping uses physical methods to disperse plant fiber raw materials into fibers without using any chemicals in the production process. The mechanical method is divided into grindstone groundwood pulp and wood chip groundwood pulp.

Mechanical Pulping Details

1.Principle: Disperse raw materials into fibers through mechanical friction, shearing, tearing, cutting, etc.
2.Features: high yield, no pollution. Due to the retention of all components (miscellaneous cells, lignin) and the cutting of fibers, the paper produced with this pulp has low strength, brittleness, and yellowing after bleaching.
3.There are many paper mills using chemi-mechanical pulping.

Mechanical pulping requires a refiner and a double-disc refiner. Leizhan is a manufacturer and can provide customers with the best price. We are able to provide complete pulping lines and custom solutions for customers. Feel free to contact us anytime.