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Paper Mill Pulp Classification

<p> According to the classification of raw materials, pulp can be divided into wood pulp, waste paper pulp and non-wood pulp. The processing equipment required for different raw materials is also different.</p>

<h3>Pulp Classification</h3>

1. Wood pulp: coniferous pulp and hardwood pulp. Softwood pulp mainly comes from wood pulp of masson pine, larch, red pine, spruce and other tree species, and hardwood pulp includes wood pulp of birch, poplar, basswood, eucalyptus, maple and other tree species. Softwood pulp has stronger toughness and better stretchability than hardwood pulp. A certain proportion of softwood pulp will be added to increase the toughness of paper.
2. Waste paper pulp is pulp made from recycled waste paper. After recycling, waste paper is classified, screened, soaked in water, and crushed to form recyclable pulp. Generally used in places where the quality of paper is not high.
3. Non-wood pulp: pulping with other fibers, including straw, reed, bagasse, flax, cotton and other fiber raw materials.

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