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Paper Mill Pulp Heavy Impurity Cleaner

Heavy Impurity Cleaner is specially designed to handle heavy impurities such as gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles in pulp. The number of stages that a slag removal system needs to configure depends on its production volume, the required pulp cleanliness and the size of the fiber loss in operation, usually 3 to 5 stages are used. Leizhan’s LZ series Heavy Impurity Cleaner can reduce fiber loss, improve production capacity, decrease the needed segments and numbers of cleaner.

Main Data Of Heavy Impurity Cleaner

1.Passing Capacity of Single Equipment: 450L/min
2.Max Operating Temperature: 70℃
3.Max Operating Pressure: 0.4Mpa
4.Inlet Consistency: ≤2%
5.Washing Water Flow: 20-60L/min

The slag removal rate of the heavy impurity cleaner is too low, which reduces the purification efficiency; the slag removal rate is too high, and the fiber is lost, and the number of stages needs to be increased. Leizhan is a professional pulp equipment manufacturer, welcome to contact us for more details and solutions.