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Paper Quality And Pulp Beating

Since beating increases the bonding force between fibers and reduces the average length of fibers, it can increase the tensile, bursting and folding strength of paper. What are the problems worth noting in the beating process?

Paper Quality And Pulp Beating

1) When the ash content of the paper sheet is too low, the degree of beating can be increased to seal the paper sheet to improve the filler retention rate

2) The paper flutters on the surface of the cylinder because the adhesion between the paper and the surface of the cylinder is not enough, and the beating degree can be increased to solve this problem

3) Paper sticking to the dryer indicates that the paper structure is too tight, which may be due to too many fine fibers, which can be improved by reducing the degree of beating

4) The freeness of the slurry is large, and creases often appear on the edge of the floating edge. If other indicators are qualified, a sufficient degree of percussion should be ensured.

5) Broken paper spots are mainly due to broken paper not being well broken in the pulper (increase the ability of the re-shredder; sticky beating may be required; if the beater is used as a deflaker, it cannot achieve the expected effect)

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