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Pulp Pump With Stable Performance

We have assisted several paper mills around the world in setting up pulp production lines. We have also done a lot of research on the pulp pumps that need to be used, and provide various styles and models of pulp pumps.

Pulp Pump Details

1. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance
Former head part is, the door structure, pipeline maintenance without disassembly, just move the motor backwards, you can disassemble and repair the pump.
2. Wetted parts are made of cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel for the user to choose.
3. Pump can be within the scope of 5 ~ 40℃ environment temperature and the inlet pressure under the condition of less than 1330 pa, allows continuous work for a long time.

If you are interested in the pulp pump, please contact us by email, our professionals will communicate with you the parameters and other details of the pulp pump.