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Pulping Machine Middle-consistency Pressure Screen

Leizhan is committed to providing innovative pulping equipment solutions. Our middle-consistency pressure screen technology is one of the cores of our pulping product line, providing customers with reliable and efficient pulping solutions.

Advantages Of Pulping Machine Middle-consistency Pressure Screen

  1. Our middle-consistency pressure screen uses a multi-wing block and non-tangled drum rotor to effectively prevent fiber entanglement and improve screening efficiency.
  2. Screening can be carried out at higher concentrations (3-4%), reducing the amount of water circulation in the production process, significantly saving energy and improving production efficiency.
  3. The equipment is equipped with an automatic detection and alarm device for sealing water flow to ensure safe operation of the equipment and reduce potential risks.

For more information about Leizhan’s middle-consistency pressure screens and other paper making machinery and equipment, please feel free to contact us.