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Reject Separator in Pulping Project

In modern paper production, the importance of pulping equipment is self-evident. Leizhan is committed to the research and development of advanced pulping equipment, among which the reject separator is one of the key equipments and has outstanding performance and advantages.

Reject Separator in Pulping Project Advantages

  1. Leizhan Technology’s reject separator adopts advanced separation technology, which can quickly and effectively separate impurities and slag in the pulp, improving the purity and quality of the pulp.
  2. Leizhan’s reject separator is equipped with an intelligent control system, which can realize automated operation and precise adjustment, improve the stability and controllability of the production line, and reduce the possibility of human operating errors.
  3. Leizhan’s reject separator is made of high-quality materials and sophisticated technology. It has good durability and stability and is not prone to failure during long-term operation, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

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