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Small Scale Cultural Paper Making Machine

As a small scale paper machine, this kind of cultural paper is applied to small paper mill. Leizhan has great achievement in producing pulping and paper making equipment, especially in pulping equipment. If you want to cut cost to make cultural paper, you can choose waste paper as raw material. Leizhan can provide you with whole set of high quality pulp making machines if you have the idea of making pulp and paper integration completed.

Small Scale Cultural Paper Making Machine Information

1. Output paper: cultural paper, A4 paper, office paper
2. Raw material: waste paper, virgin pulp
3. Trimmed width: 1092mm
4. Production capacity: 20-50T/D
5. Basis weight: 40-80g/m²
6. Operating speed: 200m/min

Leizhan has become one of the largest pulping and paper making equipment manufacturers. So contact us if you have needs in the pulping and paper making equipment.
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