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Tail Pulp Single Effect Fiber Separator

The single effect fiber separator can effectively separate the light and heavy impurities in the recycled waste paper pulp. If the sieve plate holes are added to the single effect fiber separator, the machine production capacity can be increased.

Main Data Of Single Effect Fiber Separator

1.Production Capacity: 50-500t/d
2.Concentration of Input Pulp: 2-4%
3.Pressure of Input Pulp: 0.15-0.20Mpa
4.Pressure Difference: 0.03-0.05Mpa
5.Motor Power: 45-280kw

Single effect fiber separator can be used as tail pulp treatment equipment. Leizhan provides paper and pulp production lines for many paper mills. If you need to update production equipment or open a new production line, you can contact Leizhan for detailed solutions at any time.