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Toilet Crepe Paper Project Machine

Whether it’s soft facial tissues or absorbent toilet paper, Leizhan’s toilet crepe paper machine delivers uncompromising quality at every stage of production. Recognizing the diverse needs of its customers, Leizhan offers customization options for its toilet crepe paper machine.

Technical Parameters of Toilet Crepe Paper Project Machine

Paper Type:Toilet Crepe Paper,Towels Paper
Stock Stype: Regenerated Pulp
Net of paper width:2200mm
Production Speed:180~220m/min
Paper making productivity ratio:14~30g/m
Driving Type:Sectional Drive
Driving Power:71.5kw

Leizhan’s paper machinery represents a pinnacle of innovation in the paper manufacturing industry. If you are interested our toilet crepe paper making machine, welcome to contact us for more technical parameters. Email