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Waste Paper Pulping Equipment Hydrapurger

In the modern paper industry, the recycling of waste paper has become increasingly important. Leizhan’s hydrapurger is a key pulping equipment with the following key features:

Features Of Waste Paper Pulping Equipment Hydrapurger

1. Through D-type continuous crushing, the tailings of the hydrapulper are further decomposed and light and heavy impurities are accurately separated to ensure the smooth progress of the entire pulping process.
2. Regularly clearing the debris in the pulper improves the production efficiency of the hydrapulper, reduces unit energy consumption, and creates more economical and environmentally friendly paper making conditions for customers.
3. Equipped with a curved impeller, the interval between the impeller and the sieve plate is adjustable, ensuring the flexibility and stability of the separation process and making the impurity separation more accurate.

Leizhan will provide you with an efficient and reliable equipment for your waste paper recycling and pulping process, bringing substantial advantages to your paper making line. Welcome to contact us for more details about hydrapurger.