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Waste Paper Pulping System Grapple

As a leading domestic pulping equipment manufacturer, Leizhan is still constantly enriching its manufacturing experience and technical strength. Our new grapple is used in conjunction with lifting equipment in the continuous crushing system to regularly salvage and capture impurities in the hydrapulper.

Grapple Structure Of Pulping Line

The grapple consists of two bucket flaps, cylinder, tie rod, upper and lower support seats, lifting ring seat, pin shaft, cylinder fixed shell, hinge, etc.
The accessory device consists of a pneumatic triplet, a two-position four-way electromagnetic reversing valve, an air source, etc.

The grapple produced by Leizhan can reduce the slag discharge time, greatly improve the working efficiency of the pulper, and improve the efficiency of the paper mill. If you need to purchase pulping equipment, please feel free to contact us! Email address: