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ZFM Series Flotation Deinking Machine

Flotation Deinking Machine, impurity removal equipment for the pulp and paper industry. Flotation Deinking Machine is mainly composed of a flotation tank, a special- shaped degassing chamber at all levels, a pressure adjustment system, a temporary ink storage tank and so on. While removing ink, some light adhesives and light plastics can be significantly removed. Flotation Deinking Machine has many advantages, we will introduce his advantages to you below.

Flotation Deinking Machine Main Advantages

1. High flotation efficiency and cover small area.
2. High scum concentration and low fiber loss.
3. Simple operation and automatic control.
4. After flotation, the pulp has high whiteness and good brightness.
5. Can achieve instantaneous start or instantaneous stop.
6. The pulp in the equipment is internally circulated, and the utilization rate of air in the pulp is high.

In addition to the Flotation Deinking Machine, Leizhan also provides other equipments in the pulp and paper line. If you want to develop in the pulp and paper industry, I believe our company’s products will be of great use to you. Please feel free to contact with me for more details.