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ZSK Self-cleaning Vibrating Screen

ZSK self-cleaning vibrating screen is an advanced screening equipment developed based on the experience of foreign equipment. It has efficient screening capacity and self-cleaning function. As one of the key equipment in the pulp and paper industry, it plays an important role in the rough pulp screening process.

ZSK Self-cleaning Vibrating Screen Main Features

1. The vibrating screen has excellent screening capabilities and can efficiently separate impurities and screen residues from the pulp to ensure the quality and purity of the pulp.
2. The equipment adopts self-washing technology, which can automatically clean the slurry film on the screen plate, keep the screen holes (slits) unobstructed, and effectively improve screening efficiency and continuous operation time.
3. The ZSK self-cleaning vibrating screen has the ability to quickly start, stop and adjust, and can adapt to changes in production needs and adjustments to production plans, improving work efficiency and production flexibility.

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