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1880 Tissue Paper Rewinder Benefits

1880 rewinder machine is widely used in most paper plants, why is it so popular and what are the benefits of choosing it, that is quite an attractive question, the reason can be included as follows.

Advantages That Rewinder Have

1.This rewinder is not expensive, which only needs generally 2-3 people to operate.
2.1880 toilet paper rewinder machine adopts PLC computer programming technology, man-machine interface operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, various functional devices on the machine, automatic trimming, glue spraying, edge sealing, and shaft unwinding instantaneously, making the roll paper no paper loss when cutting into the band saw and packaging, easy to operate and high production efficiency.
3.Compared with other models, the 1880 type rewinder machine can produce about 2 tons of bar paper in eight hours a day. For the friends who just enter the toilet paper industry, it can fully meet their needs.
4.The largest original paper width of rewinder machine is 2.2 meters, that is, the toilet paper large axis paper of 2.2 paper size can be processed. Compared with other models, there is more room for choosing raw materials, and it can also reduce the loss of paper products while increasing the output to some extent.

The above is the benefits that choose 1880 rewinder, whether rewinder or other paper machine, you should choose equipment according to your actual demands. Any needs, kindly contact with us, our sales manager and engineers will offer you professional help. Email address: