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1880mm/220m Toilet Paper Making Machine


Leizhan offer High quality Tissue paper making machine with low price for paper plant to produce best quality toilet paper, tissue, napkin paper, etc. use virgin pulp, white shavings and waste paper as raw materials.

Main technical Specification of 1880mm/220m Toilet Paper Machine

1.Finish product: Tissue paper

2.Basic weight: 13—30g/m2

3.Trim width: 1880mm

4.Work speed: 220m/min

5.Design speed: 250m/min

6.Capacity: 10—12t/d

7.Rail gauge:2700mm

8.Drive type: Ac variable frequency division drive

9.Installed capacity: 62.5KW

10.Spread pattern: right side (Users to customize)

11.Outline rough dimension : 13000mm×7000mm×6000mm

Main structure of 1880mm/220m Toilet Paper Making Machine

This machine adopts Upside down pulp sizing, mainly composed by felt washing, cylinder section, dryer section, reeling, drive, steam hood, etc.