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2400mm Toilet Paper Making Machine


Toilet paper roll is widely use in our daily life. For most of us, toilet tissue paper is our Life necessities. Toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissues are household papers, which need to be clean and hygenic.

Leizhan can supply solutions for meeting the following needs of paper makers.

  • To produce tissue paper making line with wood pulp, white shavings, and waste paper as raw materials
  • Design drawings and production line solutions according to customer’s demands
  • Daily toilet paper production capacity can be 5-50 tons.

Take 7t/d toilet paper making line as example,  Leizhan engineers design the following solution for paper plants to produce high grade toilet paper with wood pulp, white shavings as raw material.

7t/15h wood pulp, white shavings processing line

Hydrapulper-Dump pump-High density cleanerInclined thickener-Pulp chest agitator-Pulp pump-Conical refinerDouble disc refiner-Pulp chest agitator-Pulp pump

2400mm Tissue paper making machine

GSM: 13-30g/m2

Capacity: 7-10t/d

Trimmed width: 2400mm

Design speed: 200m/min

Work speed: 150-170m/min

Drive mode: AC variable frequency