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Advanced D Type Hydrapulper

D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used for pulping waste paper and wood pulp, and is suitable for paper production lines with small output. The D Type Hydrapulper produced by Leizhan is an ideal equipment for pulping lines in paper mills.

Features of the Advanced D Type Hydrapulper

1. The D-type structure design of the D Type Hydrapulper achieves the purpose of increasing the production capacity without increasing the power and volume.
2. The D Type Hydrapulper can dissociate paper fibers into fiber bundles or single fibers to the maximum, while maintaining the shape and strength of impurities to the maximum.
3. The rotor of the D Type Hydrapulper deviates from the center of the tank bottom, so that the contact speed between the paper and the rotor is faster and the frequency is higher.

Leizhan’s D Type Hydrapulper is worth your choice. If you are interested in purchasing paper machines or pulping equipment, you are welcome to consult us at any time.